Features of the counter

Easy installation by simply pasting the tag

Expert knowledge and troublesome operation are unnecessary at all, you can set up counters with easy operation just by putting a tag on the place you want to set up the counter.

Can use the original image

Counter images designed by yourself are available, not just pre-prepared counters. It is also good to make a unique counter and make it an HP accent.

3 types to choose from

In addition to normal counter, it is possible to select non-display · online counter. It can be used properly according to usage and preference.
  1. Normal (Counter is displayed normally)
  2. Online counter (Displaying the number of people browsing the website in real time)
  3. Hidden (best for those who want to count the number of visitors without being notified by page viewers)

On count display with on mouse

With simple setting on the management screen, count display with on mouse is possible. You can choose from "Display trends for one week", "Show trends of yesterday today", "Show trends for one week".

There are many other fulfilling functions

  1. Double counting prevention function can prevent duplication of access from the same personal computer.
  2. On the management screen, you can view the number of access statistics by day and hour. Since access statistics are saved for the past month, it is easy to compare the 30-day counts in the graph display.
  3. By changing the count value, smooth transition from other company's counter to WOX counter. By setting the final count number, you can count viewers continuously from that number.

Ads will not show

Just pasting a link to WOX in the counter image will not display any pop-up advertisements that will interfere with the content.
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